According to a top travel site, there are 55 major attractions in the city of Champaign IL. That being said, you might not have guessed that the public library would be the #1 place of interest. That’s a little different, but there are plenty of other great things to do in the city with the 10th largest population in the state. Here are some of the major attractions in Champaign, Illinois.

First up is the Krannert Art Museum, which offers free admission. Located at 500 East Peabody Drive, Krannert Art Museum is said to be a surprising gem of a place to visit. There are Egyptian art artifacts there, and that’s really cool. Don’t let the fact that this world class museum is housed on a college campus fool you. It is certainly worth paying a visit when you’re on vacation.

Hessel Park, located at 1401 Grandview Drive, is a popular place to go walking and enjoy a picnic. You can also play tennis there. Plus, people talk about playing a sport called pickleball. Not only that, but you will find metal tags on some of the trees that tell you more about them. Reviews point to the fact that grill facilities are available and that the park is pet friendly, too.

You can catch a movie or a play at the Virginia Theater. This older theater has been renovated and is said to be really nice. It’s great for date night or just taking the family out for a show. This theater was built in the 1920’s, so you know it’s a gem. The Virginia Theater is located at 203 West Park Avenue.

The Sholem Aquatic Center is also a great place to visit. An enormous pool awaits you, and there is a lazy river as well. Located at 2205 Sangamon Drive, Sholem Aquatic Center also features a water slide. Your kids are going to have so much fun there. You can also get some good food while you’re there, like pulled beef nachos.

Champaign IL is full of interesting places to see and things to do. Champaign is the name of the county, too. The city is almost a metropolis, and that tells you that it is growing indeed. With Champaign having more than 50 attractions, you know there is much more to see than just the places mentioned here. Yet you have a good head start on things to do in Champaign IL.